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Marnie Custom Homes - Bethany Beach

Donovan's Painting and Drywall completed another custom painting job interior and exterior for Marnie Custom Homes in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

The result? An ideal luxury beach retreat, built in harmony with nature.

Marnie Homes is a small, local home construction company based in Bethany Beach, Delaware. 

They build homes in and around the Bethany Beach area with a focus on building single-family homes, townhomes, and sometimes small multi-unit buildings. 

They generally do not build large apartment complexes or commercial buildings.Their homes are tailored for the local beach area market. 

They build vacation homes, second homes, retirement properties, and primary residences for people living in the Bethany Beach region.

Styles are coastal/beach inspired since Bethany Beach is a beach town. The homes likely feature lots of windows, light colors, and design elements suited for beach living.As a local builder, they can accommodate custom home designs based on individual homeowner needs and wishes.  

Marnie Custom Homes brings impeccable craftsmanship, innovative design and luxury sophistication to the Delaware Beaches. Every Marnie Custom Home is unique and perfectly tailored to the homeowner.  

Donovans Painting and Drywall is proud to provide their expertise and craftsmanship to this elite builder.



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